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About Superstar

Edcams Superstar is a recognition series for the crackerjacks at Edcams. It brings scintillating, inspirational and insightful student success stories. It recognises students who have gone beyond the norm to work harder, converting their passion into exceptional achievements. These stories inspire us to live beyond mediocrity and recognize our true talents to achieve more in life.

Every individual is gifted with a unique set of talents and a life goal aligned to those talents. At Edcams, our goal is to help every individual recognize his/her talents early on in life and to help sharpen them for bigger and better use.

Edcams is all about celebrating success and helping others succeed. We showcase your success story to the users of Edcams. We know that success induces success and that your story shall definitely motivate someone far away to achieve more in life. That's a life changing feat you have already done, unaware. Let your story spread like a silver lining and a hope to millions. Write a story on your biggest success in life. Let everyone read it and feel inspired.

Am I a Superstar?

Everyone is a superstar; some have achievements speaking about it. We are looking to talk about these achievements so that everyone feels inspired reading about them and bring out their own gifts into achieving more. Hence it is important for us to showcase the most inspiring and genuine stories in the benefit of all. We work on super-motivation to bring out all such stories. We eagerly await your story!

How to submit my story?

Follow the following simple steps to submit your story.

A. Write a great story

Easier said than done, here is how you can attempt writing an interesting read:

Make a captivating start. Tell everyone who you really are. People already know your basic information (Name, School, Class etc) from the profile. Tell something exciting they don't already know about. Keep it simple. Even better if you can define yourself with one achievement (example: I am one of the youngest Indian fiction authors with my book selling x copies a week. I published my first novel at an age of 15). That's an awesome quantifiable start. Obviously, that was just a sample. Everyone will have a differently interesting story. We would like to hear the story of your biggest achievement till date. The first paragraph can ideally be around 70 words.

Use the second paragraph to define your achievement in detail. Here the viewers would like to know the toughness of your competition or the level of complexity of your achievement. For example, ranking in top 10 in a competition with over 1 lac participants at an All India Creative Drawing competition is a big deal. So is coming close to the world record at a 100mts race at School Sports day. This gives viewers a perspective to appreciate your achievement better. You can also cover how you prepared for it. This can include any particular coaching or help that you took from any mentors/seniors/others. Since hard work begets success you should showcase the virtue of your hard work and discipline unto achieving it. Usually hard work is the most underrated area that needs appropriate deliberation. It's always interesting to read short anecdotes/events pertaining to successes. You can include anecdotes on struggle and failure that make an integral part of success. They make it feel lively. You can also talk about how success feels or how sometime failure motivates to do more. Your second paragraph should ideally remain within 170 words. Yes, all of the above in so less. You got to be a wordsmith too!

The third paragraph can talk about what you think is most critical to succeed in your area eg: you are a state ranker in drawing so you can talk about what it entails to succeed in Drawing. We want our readers to learn from your wisdom. You can be the best guide in your area with specific advice. Please avoid any generic advice because it does not take your kind of success to write something generic or low on value. We highly recommend using simple language without jargons and to-the-point description. A motivational tone definitely goes a long way in creating a lasting impression. This paragraph should not exceed 70 words.

The fourth and the closing paragraph can very briefly talk about the ambitions and aspirations you hold regarding the spoken field of success. It can include your future plans or any help you seek from the readers. Max 50 words

Total word count ~ 400-450
B. Submit your story for review

Once you write a good story, the next step is to submit it for review. We screen every story to ensure only appropriate and genuine ones go out. Usually it takes 4-7 working days to hear back from us after you submit your story. Your story is read at multiple levels of screening before any acceptance, decline or suggestion to improve comes your way. We take utmost care to be objective and impartial in evaluating the stories. Whether your story gets approved or not, it's always good to spend time introspecting your life and achievements. Who knows, it could prove to be the starting point of writing another success story!

C. Approved stories get posted.
I don't know if my achievement stacks up to be posted as a story. What should I do?

You can pick a broader sense on the quality of achievements and the level of efforts from the previous Superstar stories. While there is no objective method to calibrate, you can think of something worth posting if it is backed by city/state/country/international ranking. In some cases there may be no way to put a rank behind an achievement, or the rank doesn't clearly stand merit - for all such cases we recommend you to write a story with the prescribed guidelines and allow us to help you figure that out.

Feel free to drop us a mail in case of any confusion [email protected]

How to post my story?

Write a story in the prescribed format and submit it in the section 'Submit your story'. Simple!

What do I gain out of putting my story on Edcams Superstar?

Besides a general good you'd do to inspire others, you also stand to gain appreciation and endorsements for your achievements on your Edcams profile. The same shall benefit you with bringing more opportunities your way to build a stellar career. These could be Scholarships, Coaching, Jobs and more that are soon going to be integrated on the Edcams platform.

Aside, you also get a privileged Superstar badge on your profile and many other benefits that come along with it.

Can I refer someone who I think is a Superstar?

If you find someone worth the Superstar stature, you can do any of the following:

  • Recommend the person to join Edcams and write his/her story to us.
  • Alternatively, you can mail us (at [email protected]) the contact details (Name, Contact number and Email) of the person so that we can get in touch with him/her.